Crossing Indiana

KAN_6259Trapped in the solitude of my last ten day meditation, my mind, denying itself the peace that it was there to achieve, devised the distraction of attempting to name every state in the USA.  After a half hour I had all but one, and this state alluded me for most of the afternoon until, in the dark warmth of my meditation cell it suddenly popped into cognition.  Indiana!!

Cycling through Indiana was short and hilly.  There aren’t too big a shoulders here either and with frequent rainfall that muddied the gravel side roads it made for a lot of dangerous highway riding.  But despite riding the white line almost the whole way across the state we never got honked at and most cars gave us a wide berth.


Despite only being in the state for 3 days we had two offers from strangers for a place to stay and received a $20 donation for our journey as well as an open invitation to take what we needed from a pharmacy from the owner.


Choices for riding in Indiana were fairly limited to either gravel side roads or slim shouldered highways.  For the most part we stuck to the highway due to the rainfall which occasionally turned the gravel roads into gooey mud tracts.


The two nights we spent in the state were at a baseball field and a church.





Our final ride out of Indiana took us down a beautiful Corydon Pike Rd to the river.  It poured on us the whole way down.



KAN_6289We past an amazing cave on the side of the road that was too vast to explore.  We were unsure weather it was natural or manmade but there were tire tracks inside, it was big enough to drive in.





Lots of mist and rain.  KAN_6264

And frying rabbits.


And also, sun, hills, rivers and clouds.


And dead mosquitos in the morning.



More great days as we head into the Appalachians!!

16 responses to “Crossing Indiana

  1. I’m happy to see that you guys are still on the road. I met you in June some where I Oklahoma ( I think). Wish you well


  2. awesome! just a little detour for the wedding, and back at it! very nice. blessings to you both. may the wind be at your back, the hills go down, the cars be friendly, the dogs be passive, the sun be shining, the rain not be hostile, may the conversations be meditations, may the songs sing unrestrictedly, may the food be nutritious, appetite is the best seasoning. happy to see a happily-ever-after play out for friends! r e s p e c t each other and l o v e completely. groovy. congratulations. sorry I can’t write you a giant check to fund you for another year. but maybe what you’re doing is enough. to europe? I can give some advice, potentially. Avoid french drivers, hehe. i was bike touring solo, and I tell you, you guys seem to have devised a superior formula. : )
    take good care! your friend,

    • You just won the award for most awesome comment. Thanks man, your words are inspiring. We take heart in those who find this exciting. Kentucky is everything it should be. Blessings to you as well, Your friends,

      Trent and Rasham


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